Monday, June 23, 2014

Classroom Pics Year 1

I will be moving to my 3rd trailer this year, which makes this 3 trailers in 4 years. I wanted to post pictures of each trailer to document my classrooms over the years. We will be moving in to the new building next year (2015-2016). I cannot wait to have a new classroom with plenty of space and storage!

My first year of teaching 2011-2012 I was a long-term sub at a small neighborhood school. My classroom was large there and inside the building. It was set up differently than any other classroom I have seen. It had a large middle room, a small back room, and a side hallway-like area for cubbies and storage. It was a very old school building, but the set up was not really too bad.

This is the hallway that was on the side of the main part of the classroom. There was a door behind me to the main hallway of the school. It was kind of nice to have the cubbies out here and out of the way!

These pictures are of the back section of the room. This is where most of the "play" centers were. 

The back section and the main section of the room were separated some by this wall. There was a great claw foot tub for the students to sit in and read.

This was the main section of the classroom. The ceilings were massive in the room. Tons of wall space!

Then in October of my first year I was offered a Kindergarten position at the school I currently teach at. They needed to create a fifth class and they had a trailer ready for me. This trailer was a double-wide with a bathroom in the middle. There was a sink and water fountain on each side. This worked great for center rotations because my assistant had two groups on one side of the room and I had the other two groups on the opposite side of the room. I forgot about the tile until I uploaded the pictures. The blue tile was the side we used the most. The red tile side was the side we entered from. The students would unpack and then walk over to the other side of the room. The red tile side was my assistant's side during center rotations.

This was the side we used the most.

This is the white board I used for calendar. My smartboard was installed a few weeks after I moved in.

We always entered from the farthest side of the trailer/closest to the main sidewalk. There were decent amounts of closets in this trailer. There was this one and one on the back side of it. There was also a cabinet by the bathroom.

The bathroom was in this area. It had its own mini hallway and it was huge. 

This is where the two larger closets were. The trailer had four doors but we only used the first door on the red tile side of the room.

This was the side closest to the main door we used. The students would come in and unpack on this side. There was plenty of room to spread the cubbies out!

This reading castle was handed down to me by a teacher that retired from my church. It fit perfectly and my students loved reading in it. 

This is how I set up my room. 

Calendar area before the Smart board was installed.

My desk area and the temporary Smart board. I had to wait for a teacher's desk to be ordered!

These are the only pictures I have of my first trailer, but I feel like the show a good amount of what it looked like. I wish I had more pictures of how I set it up! I am planning on posting pictures of my trailer I had for my second year and this past year later this week!

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