Monday, June 16, 2014

Almost a Year

I cannot believe it has been almost one full year since I made this blog and posted. I had good intentions last summer of starting this blog and posting regularly. My goal this summer is to get my blog going and post regularly.

I have recently uploaded a few new items to my teacherspayteachers store. I am a huge fan of TPT and started making documents last summer. I did not make any documents this school year, but now that we are on summer break, I have found the time to make a few documents for next year.

I am about to begin my fourth year of teaching Kindergarten. I am still at the same neighborhood school where I began teaching. This is the school I went to as a child, so it has many special memories. We are currently under construction and our Commons building will be ready by August. This building will have our special area classes, library, computer lab, and a new cafeteria. Our main building will be ready during the 2015-2016 school year. I cannot wait to be on the same hallway with my colleagues and to have a traditional Kindergarten classroom.

My first year teaching I was in a huge trailer. It was a double wide and I almost had too much room! My second and third year I was in a different trailer. It was two trailers in front of my first trailer. It was smaller, but not tiny. I am moving to a new trailer again this year and do not know what size it will be. I am hoping this will be the last move I will have to do until we move into the new building! I hope to post some pictures of my new trailer/classroom as soon as I am able to get in and see it.

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