Friday, June 20, 2014

Workin' On It: Back to School Forms

I'm linking up with Kim at Kindergals. Thanks for stopping by to see what I worked on this week. I am beginner blogger and do not know much about what I am doing. :) I am hoping to get more experience this summer!

 Last year I used forms that I found on Pinterest and Teacher's Pay Teachers for back to school. I didn't like that the forms weren't exactly what I was looking for, but I did not know how to make them, or have time to figure it out! I knew that I wanted to take the time this summer to make new forms. These forms go perfectly with my monkey theme and green/yellow color scheme in my classroom. I try not to use monkeys on everything, and still use polka-dots on things because that was my theme for my second year of teaching.

These are the forms that I made this week. They are cute, but simple, and I think that they cover all questions I have/ information I need from my student's parents. Here is a link to my Student Information Sheets.

This is a simple page with instructions for Meet the Teacher. I used this last year so that the parents would know what to do if I was busy talking to other parents. Here is a link to it on TPT: Meet the Teacher Instructions.

I made these this week too. I used something similar to these the last two years. My students have a clear pocket pouch that stays in their folders every day. I put a few of these in their folder at the beginning of the year. I give them more every time they use them. I made these to go with my color scheme and listed the specific things that I typically receive money for. Most parents use these forms and they are very helpful! School Money

I am hoping to upload some classroom pictures from the last three years next week. I have been in two different trailers the last three years and will be moving to a new trailer this year. My school is under construction, so we have to be flexible. The end result will be great!!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I think you will love it. I began blogging at the beginning of June in 2012. I am still getting better and expanding in my internet endeavors!
    Christina’s Kinder Blossoms