Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today to share my five for Friday.

Have you seen the Coca Cola bottles and cans with names on them? I never imagined that I would find my name, Kayla, printed on a can/bottle. My mom, brother and I were out shopping today and my mom found my name on a bottle at TJ Maxx. I haven't been drinking sodas this summer and didn't plan on drinking any. I could not pass up buying a bottle with my name today! Coca Cola sure is clever with this new campaign. :)

Here I am with my "Kayla" coke. Yes, my brother is photobombing my picture and I did not feel like trying to take another one, because I knew he would do it again!

I babysit for two kids on Thursdays and we went to the Aquarium yesterday. Coca Cola was there with their Share a Coke campaign. They had two Coke machines inside that could print your name on the side of a coke can. They are really trying to promote this campaign! There was already a line of people waiting to do this when we got there a few minutes after it opened. 

I found this picture on the Coca Cola website. This is what the machine looks like.

I have been participating in the Creative Teaching Press 12 Days of Back to School giveaway this week and last week. They emailed out a giveaway you could enter each day. I was so surprised when I opened my email last night and saw that I won one of their giveaways! I won the stencil-cut borders.

These are some of the stencil cut borders they offer. Aren't these so cute?!? The pumpkins and the Christmas trees are my favorite. I am so excited that I won this giveaway! Keep checking back because I will be doing a blog post on the borders when I get them! 

The Creative Teaching Press 12 days of back to school is over today, but it is not too late to enter this giveaway! How awesome would it be to win $200 of Creative Teaching Press stuff for your room? They have a Rafflecopter for this giveaway. Check it out here. They have all kinds of decor for so many themes. I already have their monkey bulletin border and love it!

I found out this week that there is a possibility that my new classroom trailer will be ready in time for school! Please pray with me that this will happen!! 

I was able to meet with the girls on my team this week and we started planning out our yearly LRP. We have new science standards and science kits that we wanted to make sure we use this year. 

My mind has been racing with all of the things I need to do before school starts, but this helped eliminate one thing on the long to-do list in my head! I can't wait to figure out my trailer situation, so I can get started on getting my room ready. We go back August 11th and our students return August 18th. I'm hoping to get a couple more days of relaxation in before I go back. :)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two for Tuesday

I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for my first 2 for Tuesday. I do not have many things in my TPT store, but I am slowly making and adding things. I usually make things that I need in my classroom, and then offer them on TPT. Almost all of my products are free, but there are some products that took a lot of time to make that are not free.

My Reading Castle Bunting Flags are on sale today and tomorrow for $1.00. These flags can be cut out, laminated and displayed in a reading area. I have a reading castle, so mine will hang in front of that. You can just use the letters to spell "Reading". 
I haven't been able to get started on decorating in my classroom, but I have printed and laminated the flags. Now I just have to decide if I want to use yellow or green ribbon to hang them. I use a lot of green and yellow in my room along with my monkey theme.

Here they are on the floor of my bedroom.

The second item I have for sale is the Classroom Jobs signs. I have a generic version for free, and this version with the colored frames is on sale for $1.50 today and tomorrow. I want to let each of my kindergarten students have a job that lasts for a month or a 9 weeks period. This will help keep our room more organized and will allow them to take pride in the classroom too. 

There are 28 job cards in this pack. You do not have to use them all, but there is a great variety of jobs included. I have printed and laminated these. I will post a picture of them when I get them displayed in my room.

Here is a picture of these on my bedroom floor. I have assigned jobs for our centers. These students will be in charge of straightening the center at the end of the day. Some of these centers are a mess by the end of the week, and I am hoping that having one student in charge of that center will help keep them straight. My students are taught how to use the center materials correctly and how to clean up properly, but sometimes we just need someone to go behind them to keep things straight and organized!

Both of these products will be 50% off today and tomorrow!

I stumbled upon this twitter chat last Tuesday night and wanted to share it. It works well if you have Tweet Deck. It is an app for Macs and I think you can visit the website if you have a Windows computer. This was a fun twitter chat to participate in. I was able to meet some teacher bloggers and follow their blogs. Check it out tonight at 9pm eastern!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord

I am linking up with Fabulous in First today for Sunday Smorgasbord. 


I am so anxious to get everything set up in my classroom. For those that did not read my post on Wednesday, I found out I will be starting my year in my old trailer and then moving to my new trailer when it is ready. It is supposed to be ready a couple weeks after school starts. I also cannot start getting my old trailer ready, because it has not been cleaned yet. It originally was not on the cleaning list, so it will be cleaned last. Once I get in and get started, I will post pictures of the before and after!


Our church has a mission team that travels to Peru each year. They had their yard sale fundraiser yesterday and my mom and I went to look. I ended up getting a great mobile library for my classroom. I have not decided where I will use it yet, but I am either going to put it in my reading castle, or use it at the front of my room to display thematic books each month. The awesome part is that it was $20!

I also got an end table for $5.00. I plan on painting it and using it in my future living room.


I am really excited about Blog Hoppin's Instagram Scavenger hunt. I have gotten at least 20 things so far. I still need to get more, but it is a really fun scavenger hunt! My instagram handle is @kayladking if you want to see what I have found!

I am especially excited to try and win a Canon Rebel!!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Workin' on it Wednesday

I am linking up with Kim at Kindergals for Workin' on it Wednesday. I have done so much since my post last Friday. My mom and I left Friday morning to visit our family in Georgia. We had a great trip and I was able to find some more items for the Blog Hoppin' scavenger hunt. We came back home Sunday afternoon.

We also went to TJ Maxx by my Granny's house and I found 2 skirts, 2 shirts, and some thin hangers. I saw the skirts at my TJ Maxx in Charleston, but they did not have my size.
These are Cynthia Rowley maxi skirts. 

I am planning on changing all of my plastic hangers out with these. I bought 3 packs, but I'm thinking I will need a lot more!

Monday morning, I met with my principal and found out we will be a Title One school starting this year. I do not have much experience with Title One, so let me know if you have anything to share!

I asked her about my new trailer I have been waiting on and found out some not so great news. My new trailer will not be ready in time for school. It is supposed to come the last week of July, but then they have to get it ready. I will spend my first couple weeks of school in my old trailer and then will have to move to the new trailer as soon as it is ready!! I am not supposed to decorate the old trailer, but I will be doing some decorating, because I do not want parents to come into a blank classroom.

I went by today and got my key. My trailer has not been cleaned yet, so I couldn't move anything around. 
All of my stuff had to be moved to one side of the room at the end of the year. I had to put all of my stuff into boxes and they are against the back wall. There were 76 boxes!!

This is the view of my trailer from the front door. It is a decent sized trailer. The only thing I don't like about it, is the support beam in the middle of the room! It was decorated as a tree for the last few years, but I had to rip it down at the end of the year. I will not be making a tree again since I am only supposed to be in here for a couple weeks.

This is the view to the right side from the front door.

This is the view from the smart board at the front of the room. I have two doors. We use the door on the right as the "front door" because it is closest to the sidewalk.

**All of the spots on the walls are where the paneling has come off. I have not found anything that does not remove it. :( Even scotch tape takes the paneling off!

I was able to print and laminate some things for my room today when I was at school. 
We use the CHAMPS expectations at our school. I made this Voice Levels poster to hang in my room.

These are for my new jobs display. I took an emergent literacy course this past semester. Our teacher said that in her classroom she gives every student a job. It creates an environment where all the students take pride in keeping their classroom neat and helping it run well. It also helps give each student responsibility in the classroom each day. I had originally made these and did not have a border on them. I decided that I wanted to make them look cuter, so I added the borders on Monday.

The blank ones are free in my TPT store and I also have these with the borders for sale too. There are 28 jobs. I am going to switch the line leader and door holder weekly, and the rest either monthly or each nine weeks. There are jobs for EVERYTHING!!!

I had also made new bunting flags for my reading castle earlier this summer. Today I was able to print and laminate them. I can't wait to get them on some ribbon and hang them!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I have worked on! I talked to the lady in charge of cleaning today and she said my trailer won't be cleaned until the end of July. I probably won't be going back up to school until August. I will take and post pictures of my trailer as I get it ready!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the first time today to share my five for Friday.

I stopped by Target on Tuesday to check out their dollar section. I had heard that some of their things were marked down on Sunday. They didn't have any marked down things left, but they had their teacher stuff out!! I love getting new things for my classroom and they always have new things each year.

These foam clocks have the minutes that correspond with each number on the clock on one side and then are regular clocks on the other side.

I bought a couple packs of the uppercase and lowercase magnet letters. I am hoping they will hold up well. I plan on putting them in my Lakeshore magnet letters box that arrived with a tear in it. 

*Yes my Lakeshore Magnetic Letters Kit arrived and the lid of the box had a tear in it. I was so bummed, but then I called them and the lady I spoke with was so nice. She said they would send me a new lid for the box. They have great customer service! I got the package this week, and they actually sent me a new box. I am going to use the box with a tear in it for these Target letters.

 I drove by my school on Tuesday to see if anything had changed. We are under construction and our Commons Building is supposed to be ready for this school year. The Commons Building will have our special areas, library, cafeteria, etc. I am also going to be in a new trailer on the other side of the school. Nothing looked different, except for this huge pile of mulch in the parking lot!

 I am so anxious to get my new trailer and start unpacking!

I made a Star Student Questionnaire this week and I am hoping this will help me stick with it this year!

This You're A Star Mini- Bulletin Board Set is from Creative Teaching Press. I put this up on my white board that is off to the left side of my room. I didn't use the white board much because it was in a spot that all of my students couldn't see. I put this up and then basically forgot about it all year! :( I also never found a form that asked all of the questions that the set had questions for. I was determined to make my own questionnaire this summer so that I will use it this year!

I saw a post yesterday that Surviving a Teacher's Salary posted about a deal at Staples, 12 ct. Sharpies for $1.50. I figured the deal included coupons and rebates, but read the post just in case. I am glad I read it! Staples website was offering the 12 packs of colored Sharpies for $1.50. Of course, when I put them in my cart, they were out of stock. I was out anyways and decided to stop by my Staples store. They had the Sharpies and they also had copy paper for a penny after an easy rebate. When I was checking out I told that cashier that I had seen an online deal on their website and showed it to her on my phone. She told me that they match all deals, especially ones on their website. She had her manager approve this and I got the Sharpies! I think I might have lucked out with a really nice manager, but I think it is worth a try if you are near a Staples store!

***I just checked Staples website and it looks like the pulled this deal off their site. I'm sure tons of people ordered these yesterday. 

Yay for new sharpies!!

I am loving participating in Blog Hoppin's Scavenger hunt. I can't wait to get into my new trailer and start unpacking. Tons of the scavenger hunt items are things I have packed up at school. Here are a couple of my pics from yesterday. 

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