Friday, August 1, 2014

August Currently

I am linking up with Farley for August's currently. I cannot believe that it is already August. This summer has flown by!

My dog has been barking and growling at everyone that goes by our house today. Some days she just looks out the window, but today she wanted to be a guard dog!
This is Sophie's favorite thing to do other than look out the window. (*This is a picture from last Winter. No, she does not wear a fleece vest in the Summer!) She has been so spoiled this summer. She has stayed by my side all day, every day. She is not going to be happy when I have to go back to work in a couple weeks!

This was Sophie on the 4th of July. She lets me put clothes and cute collars on her. She still gets mistaken for a boy, even in these frilly collars!

Here is my new Lilly Pulitzer large agenda. I wanted to wait until Tax Free weekend to get it. Last year I had the mini version. It was fine, but I really wanted a larger one. I know that everyone is getting Erin Condren planners, but this is $28 and is perfect for my needs, and it is super cute!

There is a page with cute stickers in the front. I also love how each section or month has a tab. It makes it easy to flip to a certain month.

Each calendar tab has a monthly calendar behind it. After the monthly calendar there is a weekly calendar. I love that I can see a month at a time or see a week at a time. There is also plenty of room to write things on the weekly pages.

Each month has a cute Lilly print on it. I bought mine at a local store, but you can get them on the Lilly Pulitzer website with free shipping!

I live in Charleston and we have so many beaches by us. I really need to make one more trip to the beach before school starts. We are so spoiled to live close to the beach, but I never end up making it out there. I did get fried the one time I went this Summer, so that is part of the reason why I haven't been back.

I am so ready to get started in my trailer and meet my new students. For those that have been following my blog this summer, you know that I am waiting on my new classroom trailer. Our school is under construction and I won't be able to stay in my older trailer. I have also been told that there is a possibility that the new trailer will not be ready in time for school. I might have to start in the old trailer and then move to the new one! I am praying that the new trailer will be ready in time!

I saw a post on The Bubbly Blonde Teacher's blog today where she transformed a wooden crate into a cute book box. 

I never though about sanding and painting a wooden crate. I have no idea why I never thought of it!! I went to the most dreaded place Walmart today and bought yellow and green spray paint to transform my wooden crate and a wicker basket. I am planning to paint my crate yellow and then add some green ribbon or some monkeys. I will be posting the finished results on Monday!

1st Day:
I cannot believe it is already August. This next week is my last free week. I am getting my hair cut on Wednesday, but other than that I have no plans. I also cannot believe that the first day of school is on a Monday. Our district has always started on Wednesday. A couple years ago they gave us a week off for Thanksgiving and shortened the Christmas break. The shorter Christmas break was not a good idea. Lots of people complained about it. This past year they went back to the original schedule. We are starting this year on a Monday, so we can have a full week off at Thanksgiving and two weeks off for Christmas/New Years. I'm sure I will love the breaks, but I am not looking forward to a 5 day week to start the year!

Thanks for stopping by to read my August Currently. Stop by my blog on Saturday to see an exciting post. I won a giveaway from Creative Teaching Press and it came today!!


  1. I love your blog! I am your newest follower. Your puppy is adorable, too! :)
    I am in need of a planner, so I think I will check out the Lilly Pulitzer large agenda!! Have a great weekend!
    Kari at Teaching with Smiles :)

    1. Thanks for following! I followed yours too :). I am slowly getting a few new followers. I think these Linky partys are a great way to meet new bloggers!

  2. My dog barks at every little thing going on outside, so I feel your pain! We are going back on a Monday for the first time too. I am not looking forward to it, Wednesday was perfect! Good luck!

    Stacia's Scoop

  3. Loving, loving, loving that planner! Gotta love Lily!!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. Sophie is such a cutie! :) I love when my dog just sits and watches the world go by I always joke that she's waiting for her Prince to come! :) Enjoy your last few days of vacation.

    Not Just Child's Play

  5. Our dog is the same way... a big guard dog from behind closed doors at everyone that is walking by. However I think that she would be timid if she were outside. Your puppy is adorable. I am really wanting to do some craft projects too. It's been so awesome seeing everyone's projects for back to school. My list is a mile long. Good luck enjoying your last few days and getting some fun things accomplished!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard