Thursday, August 21, 2014

When I Teach

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' today to share my daily schedule. My schedule has been the same for about 2 years. Our lunch and recess time are scheduled at a time that is late enough for me to complete literacy centers before lunch. I like that the core instruction for our day is finished by lunch time. We are able to focus on writing workshop and our thematic units in the afternoon.

My students complete literacy centers from 10-11:15. I pull my guided reading groups at the same time. My students work with my assistant, complete 2 independent centers, and visit a "play" center each day. We still get to have rest time in our district. After our Winter break, we switch to independent reading time instead of rest time. I also like how we are finished with our academic instruction right before special area. I am able to put out folders and homework notebooks while my students are in special area. When they return from special area, we spend time packing up, eating snack and cleaning up our classroom.

Thanks for stopping by to see my daily schedule!!

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