Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord

I am linking up with Fabulous in First today for Sunday Smorgasbord. 


I am so anxious to get everything set up in my classroom. For those that did not read my post on Wednesday, I found out I will be starting my year in my old trailer and then moving to my new trailer when it is ready. It is supposed to be ready a couple weeks after school starts. I also cannot start getting my old trailer ready, because it has not been cleaned yet. It originally was not on the cleaning list, so it will be cleaned last. Once I get in and get started, I will post pictures of the before and after!


Our church has a mission team that travels to Peru each year. They had their yard sale fundraiser yesterday and my mom and I went to look. I ended up getting a great mobile library for my classroom. I have not decided where I will use it yet, but I am either going to put it in my reading castle, or use it at the front of my room to display thematic books each month. The awesome part is that it was $20!

I also got an end table for $5.00. I plan on painting it and using it in my future living room.


I am really excited about Blog Hoppin's Instagram Scavenger hunt. I have gotten at least 20 things so far. I still need to get more, but it is a really fun scavenger hunt! My instagram handle is @kayladking if you want to see what I have found!

I am especially excited to try and win a Canon Rebel!!

Thanks for stopping by to read my Sunday Smorgasbord!

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