Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the first time today to share my five for Friday.

I stopped by Target on Tuesday to check out their dollar section. I had heard that some of their things were marked down on Sunday. They didn't have any marked down things left, but they had their teacher stuff out!! I love getting new things for my classroom and they always have new things each year.

These foam clocks have the minutes that correspond with each number on the clock on one side and then are regular clocks on the other side.

I bought a couple packs of the uppercase and lowercase magnet letters. I am hoping they will hold up well. I plan on putting them in my Lakeshore magnet letters box that arrived with a tear in it. 

*Yes my Lakeshore Magnetic Letters Kit arrived and the lid of the box had a tear in it. I was so bummed, but then I called them and the lady I spoke with was so nice. She said they would send me a new lid for the box. They have great customer service! I got the package this week, and they actually sent me a new box. I am going to use the box with a tear in it for these Target letters.

 I drove by my school on Tuesday to see if anything had changed. We are under construction and our Commons Building is supposed to be ready for this school year. The Commons Building will have our special areas, library, cafeteria, etc. I am also going to be in a new trailer on the other side of the school. Nothing looked different, except for this huge pile of mulch in the parking lot!

 I am so anxious to get my new trailer and start unpacking!

I made a Star Student Questionnaire this week and I am hoping this will help me stick with it this year!

This You're A Star Mini- Bulletin Board Set is from Creative Teaching Press. I put this up on my white board that is off to the left side of my room. I didn't use the white board much because it was in a spot that all of my students couldn't see. I put this up and then basically forgot about it all year! :( I also never found a form that asked all of the questions that the set had questions for. I was determined to make my own questionnaire this summer so that I will use it this year!

I saw a post yesterday that Surviving a Teacher's Salary posted about a deal at Staples, 12 ct. Sharpies for $1.50. I figured the deal included coupons and rebates, but read the post just in case. I am glad I read it! Staples website was offering the 12 packs of colored Sharpies for $1.50. Of course, when I put them in my cart, they were out of stock. I was out anyways and decided to stop by my Staples store. They had the Sharpies and they also had copy paper for a penny after an easy rebate. When I was checking out I told that cashier that I had seen an online deal on their website and showed it to her on my phone. She told me that they match all deals, especially ones on their website. She had her manager approve this and I got the Sharpies! I think I might have lucked out with a really nice manager, but I think it is worth a try if you are near a Staples store!

***I just checked Staples website and it looks like the pulled this deal off their site. I'm sure tons of people ordered these yesterday. 

Yay for new sharpies!!

I am loving participating in Blog Hoppin's Scavenger hunt. I can't wait to get into my new trailer and start unpacking. Tons of the scavenger hunt items are things I have packed up at school. Here are a couple of my pics from yesterday. 

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  1. I saw the Sharpie deal to. I thought I had got my order in but never got the email saying when it would ship and stuff. I figured something glitched in the system. But I stopped by my local Staples and told them about the online price and they let me know them for that. I was super EXCITED. Especially considering I got an email this morning stating that when my order processed they were out of stocked.

    1. I'm glad you were able to get them too. I am loving Staples this year!

  2. Hi Kayla,

    I love new Sharpies! We are right in the middle of our school year here in Australia so there are no great deals on school stationery at the moment... I am getting jealous seeing lots of posts about new markers and paper etc! :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. The dollar section at Target got me this week, too!! I wish I had a Staples near me. It seems like they always have great deals!

    My Carolina Classroom