Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Workin' on it Wednesday

I am linking up with Kim at Kindergals for Workin' on it Wednesday. I have done so much since my post last Friday. My mom and I left Friday morning to visit our family in Georgia. We had a great trip and I was able to find some more items for the Blog Hoppin' scavenger hunt. We came back home Sunday afternoon.

We also went to TJ Maxx by my Granny's house and I found 2 skirts, 2 shirts, and some thin hangers. I saw the skirts at my TJ Maxx in Charleston, but they did not have my size.
These are Cynthia Rowley maxi skirts. 

I am planning on changing all of my plastic hangers out with these. I bought 3 packs, but I'm thinking I will need a lot more!

Monday morning, I met with my principal and found out we will be a Title One school starting this year. I do not have much experience with Title One, so let me know if you have anything to share!

I asked her about my new trailer I have been waiting on and found out some not so great news. My new trailer will not be ready in time for school. It is supposed to come the last week of July, but then they have to get it ready. I will spend my first couple weeks of school in my old trailer and then will have to move to the new trailer as soon as it is ready!! I am not supposed to decorate the old trailer, but I will be doing some decorating, because I do not want parents to come into a blank classroom.

I went by today and got my key. My trailer has not been cleaned yet, so I couldn't move anything around. 
All of my stuff had to be moved to one side of the room at the end of the year. I had to put all of my stuff into boxes and they are against the back wall. There were 76 boxes!!

This is the view of my trailer from the front door. It is a decent sized trailer. The only thing I don't like about it, is the support beam in the middle of the room! It was decorated as a tree for the last few years, but I had to rip it down at the end of the year. I will not be making a tree again since I am only supposed to be in here for a couple weeks.

This is the view to the right side from the front door.

This is the view from the smart board at the front of the room. I have two doors. We use the door on the right as the "front door" because it is closest to the sidewalk.

**All of the spots on the walls are where the paneling has come off. I have not found anything that does not remove it. :( Even scotch tape takes the paneling off!

I was able to print and laminate some things for my room today when I was at school. 
We use the CHAMPS expectations at our school. I made this Voice Levels poster to hang in my room.

These are for my new jobs display. I took an emergent literacy course this past semester. Our teacher said that in her classroom she gives every student a job. It creates an environment where all the students take pride in keeping their classroom neat and helping it run well. It also helps give each student responsibility in the classroom each day. I had originally made these and did not have a border on them. I decided that I wanted to make them look cuter, so I added the borders on Monday.

The blank ones are free in my TPT store and I also have these with the borders for sale too. There are 28 jobs. I am going to switch the line leader and door holder weekly, and the rest either monthly or each nine weeks. There are jobs for EVERYTHING!!!

I had also made new bunting flags for my reading castle earlier this summer. Today I was able to print and laminate them. I can't wait to get them on some ribbon and hang them!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I have worked on! I talked to the lady in charge of cleaning today and she said my trailer won't be cleaned until the end of July. I probably won't be going back up to school until August. I will take and post pictures of my trailer as I get it ready!

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  1. Wow, you did get a lot done!! Looks like you've been having a great time this summer, which is so wonderful!! I have been teaching at the same school for going on ten years now, and we have always been a Title 1 school. I really enjoy the extra staff and materials that can be purchased with Title 1 funding. How do you like having your classroom in a trailer? Is it hard not being connected to the main building? Do you have to go back to school soon?

    Warmest Wishes,